You are Not Alone Fund


We are no longer calling this our “Mayhem” fund. While it will help pay for anything that comes our way, we want to focus on the positive and continue to help in the community. The first order of business will be a new “you are not alone” mural in the bar dedicated to the memory to Elijah Lewis, local hero. In the future we hope to continue to help make our bar and our community shine even brighter with this fund that you all join us in contributing to. So far we have raised tens of thousands of dollars to help different organizations through our specials and business donations.

1. $20 Cassingle  Level
2. $50 CassetteLevel
3. $100 Compact disc Level
4. $250 7inch Level
5. $500 12inch Level

We appreciate how much people care about this place,

We are not alone.

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$20 Cassingle, $50 Cassette, $100 Compact Disc, $250 7inch, $500 12inch