722 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122


Check back in the Spring!


Thank you for your support, community is saving this bar!

Here are a few things we are doing to keep staff and you safe:

WEAR A MASK. You are required to wear a mask when you pick up your order. No exceptions. Your mask protects us, and our mask protects you.

STAY HOME IF YOU FEEL SICK, even for takeout. ICYMI that’s a cough, sore throat, fever, chills, body aches or shortness of breath. Just don’t do it.

PLEASE ORDER & PAY ONLINE if you are able to. We’ll text you when your order is ready and have it at the front door. You can also call us at 206-323-9166 to order.

SPACE OUT. When you arrive, please wait 6 feet apart and just generally give everyone some space. Our building is only open to staff and deliveries – sorry we can’t let people in for restrooms or waiting for your order right now.

Be safe! Be kind! Those who aren’t will be asked to leave the premises.

Check out what else we are doing to keep you and us safe.