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From: $78.00 / month

Support Life on Mars in a big way and get some great records, amazing merch, a chance to DJ at LOM and community in return!  Options are a monthly subscription of $78 (get it, 78? Records? We are nerds) or save some money and pay $895 up front and not worry about monthly payments.  There is a one time small shipping fee added and Canadian subscribers will be charged $100 extra to cover some of the insane postage charges.  There is a gift option as well. 

Over the Course of the Year STUFF:
-10 Records hand picked by John Richards
-Life on Mars Merch throughout the year (Shirt, Coasters, Bonus vinyl, all kinds of good things planned)
-Personalized letter from John about the record and a thank you for keeping our bar alive.

Each Year Experience:
-You get to be the DJ at LOM!  You can pick a date on Vinyl Sunday or Good Times Monday in our Vinyl Living Room to spin vinyl to the bar and all your friends.  You’ll get dinner and drinks as part of the club.

-We will work with you to find a date starting in 2022 so we all have something to look forward to (unless the pandemic pushes our opening back of course)

-If you aren’t feeling the DJ action you will be sent a list of our records and you can pick what gets played from the bar turntables on a night of your choosing, full album sides.  So invite everyone down, listen to your choices and never have to get up from your cozy perch at the bar.

NOTE: The first mailing will go out within 30 days of you signing up.  

Email: [email protected] with ANY questions and he’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Life On Mars Vinyl Club

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